The Greater You Become, The Less Title You Need

Titles and positions don’t make you valuable; you get your value from serving your purpose to the world – Tsifodze Kwadzo Ernest
When I was in the third year in tertiary, I recall a conversation that our class rep had with one of our lecturers. The lecturer was to take us for a new topic and our class rep failed to recognize him with his title. He got so furious and decided not to come. Our class rep had to apologize until he changed his mind to attend our class.

A lot of people are obsessed with titles, yet most of them are not living effectively. You have to understand that everything you know is not all you should know. You should stop chasing titles and positions because they don’t make you valuable. Chase purpose!!

What you are called to do by your creator is more important than what men will confer on you. Most people stop learning when they get titles. They feel they know it all.

The truth is that most people who are not living effectively are the ones who need a lot of titles to cover it up for them. The goal in life is to be reduced to your first name. In order words you keep losing titles.

Let me give you example of great people, the moment you hear of Moses, Samuel, David and Jesus in the bible you could see they were all reduced to their first name. But in our case people have ten titles yet they have done nothing yet. Stop chasing titles and start becoming what you called to do.

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