May Love Never Leave Us

One of the most powerful forces on earth is Love. Love changes everything about us. Humanity is suffering today not because we do not love each other, but we do not seem to have the urge to love anymore. People have mistaken attachment for love. When it comes to attachments, one has an expectation for the little help and kindness to show you. Attachment is what leaves us broken as humanity.

People have locked their heart to new possibilities of loving again. But when we proclaim love, we must make sure we love ourselves first. It is impossible to give water from an empty cup. One can only love genuinely when he has filled the cup to its brim. The water in the cup must be overflowing; this process starts within.

When people disappoint you
When people betray you
When people make fun of you
When people make you look like a fool

Just know that the love we have within shouldn’t leave us. One shouldn’t give people the power to turn them into monsters.
Do not be ashamed of your past
Do not be afraid of your future
Do not be worried of your present time

Eventually you will grow into love. You will get to the level where hurt won’t be part of you. You will get to know that true love has no expectations and conditions. When someone really loves you, they love you with all your dirt. As someone once said, “The best thing in life is finding someone who knows all your flaws, mistakes, and weaknesses, and still thinks you’re completely amazing.

PC: Pranai Sharma

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