The ‘Third World’ Of Africa Is A State Of Mind

According to Tsifodze Ernest a bird in a cage for so many years would doubt its ability to fly. The poverty that has bedeviled Africa has nothing to do with the lack of intelligence, hard work or even resources. It boils down to attitude!

During my days in school, I fell in love with government. I did my personal research about colonization that took place in our country, Ghana. I learnt a lot and what saddened me was how we were conditioned to be “dependant”. The spirit of dependency was like a cross on us. This attitude was what our parents grew up with and our parents unconsciously passed it on to us.

After some few observations, I gathered these thoughts about Africa: We are so much afraid of power and we often abuse people when given the privilege. We were taught to constantly look up to the colonial masters and depend on them for everything. This attitude is deeply embedded within us to the extent that we are afraid to succeed. And those who succeed apologize for being successful.

This is the kind of Africa we love.

Just like the bird, we have all been in a cage in my minds. It is time for us to liberate ourselves and become free from a mental pin down. We have a purpose to fulfill and a noble call to behold in our walk on earth. Now mind you: it is up to us to change, but when we don’t it is likely we would be in the quagmire for long.

Now like the bird, let us free ourselves.

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