Talents Die Easily In Africa

Africa has been blessed with a lot of talents. Yet we find it difficult to harness it. Most of the people in top positions who are suppose to build ladders for us to climb are busily climbing their ladders and chasing titles. It is very sad to note that most people want to be define with titles. Titles and positions don’t make you valuable; you get your value from serving your purpose to the world and by helping others discover their own.

A lot of people are obsessed with titles, yet most of them are not living effectively. You should stop chasing titles and positions because they don’t make you valuable.

Our generation needs people who are ladder builders. We have young people who need a little push to climb to the top. We need a little push to make our motherland proud again.

You have to understand that people outlast buildings and material things. If you really want to measure how successful you are, you don’t need a tombstone. What you need is the number of people you have imparted, developed and the helping hand to you gave to others during your stay on earth.

If what you learn dies with you then you are a failure. If what you could give to others but you didn’t dies with you, you are wicked and selfish. Legacy is about producing leaders and helping others not maintaining followers and sitting on positions.

I know most of you at the top suffered like some of us. You have been imprisoned by the same culture that we are still battling. The culture that has made us to believe that we are not suppose to cross certain boundaries to greatness.

But all we ask for is the creation of the right environment for us to harness our talent and become great people for our country.

To the youth, when we become our dreams and purpose, let us look back and do good to our next chain of successors. Learn to think of the next generation more than the next position in your life.

God bless Ghana!


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