Is This Love or Pain?

In this imperfect world, everybody is trying hard to fit in.

Most of the people around us are wearing masks; this makes it difficult to get to see the true souls of people. Whether it is a façade or not, nobody can tell. God commanded us to love one another. But the kind of love we experience in our contemporary world has a lot of unanswered questions.

I was told these words;

Where there is a reason for love, there is a condition. 
Where there is condition, there is expectation.
Where there is expectation, there is disappointment.
Where there is disappointment, there is division.

These words from some peoples’ perspective can only be materialized in the ideal world. A world where there will be no judgements, no expectation. A world where one has to love the imperfections and accept his neighbors the way they are.

In the perspective of the other group, they are more concerned with their time; they don’t want to waste time fixing broken people. Just like how people dream of getting the perfect person.

This leaves a question of whose responsibility it is to fix these broken people. Is it their sole responsibility to fix themselves? Do we live in a world of indifference?

We preach love to our little one’s, yet we struggle to demonstrate this love to one another. The sad part has to do with failing to love ourselves too.

If love has no reason, then what exactly is love, is it pain or happiness?

Let’s look at the mother-child relationship. Do our parent have expectations of us? The answer ‘yes’ will be the chorus, but most importantly do they even get the benefits of their sacrifices done for us?

Not all the time.

Our parents take care of us so that we can also take care of them when they are old. They help us so that we can help them too. It is similar to our world, we have to love people so that they can learn love others.

Love is painful.

Love hurts.

It’s ok when people don’t love you back. For everything you do, it is a seed sown. One way or the other, it will grow into a forest. The ripple effect of kindness done for another person is likely to be replicated to another person. Never feel bad for being kind to unkind people.


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