Tears In My Diary

I have been judged by people my whole life for many different reasons. I faced a lot of discrimination growing up and then received more hate from my own people for not conforming to their rules later in life. I was judged for being a poor child, and then judged for choosing to enjoy luxuries in life in recent times.

People have always told me what I can and can’t do, according to their rules. But in all I made love my priority. People will always judge you, so do as your soul please. There may be people who are reading this right now and judging the intention of this post. Nevertheless, I understand my intention. I know it comes from a place of authenticity, and quite frankly, it satisfies me deeply to share it with you; this is all that matters.

I love my heritage, my race, my relationship with God, my story, my encounters and every facet of my life. However, I can’t represent a culture, religion, a race, a gender or any type of label- I can only represent myself as an individual.

Furthermore, I am trying to love everyone around me, despite who they are. Stop hating and slandering people. We need to achieve oneness and identify ourselves as human race. Love is unity and peace. Hate is divide and destruction.

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