May We Never Seek Help From People Who Will Mock Us

“We shall see”, they will say.
“He will go and come back for my help”, they will affirm.

Of all the evils: jealousy and envy will dry your bones and make you ugly.

There are some people who will never love you nor support you. Their sentiment has transmogrified into a coal of hatred and they yearn to see you suffer.

What is amazing is that, sometimes you are the one at fault. Other times, you did nothing to them. Yet, they long to derieve some kind of jouissance from your failure.

The world is so interconnected that is unbearable to be independent. The same person you wish bad, may hold some keys to your door. I do agree that some people are very cruel and heartless. What you can possibly do best is to distant yourself from such people. But don’t hate them or wish them evil. Save your energy for your purpose and passion.

People have the potential to become better if we love them. The suffering of the world is because people are hungry for love.

Therefore, if at any point you step on the toes of someone, just be humble enough to ask for forgiveness. However, if they still hold you in their heart, at least you have done well.

All their intentions against you won’t manifest. Genuine love is to be able to forgive others, and wish them well on their journey, even if you don’t want to have anything to do with them.

God is our ultimate judge. Probably, the person you might be hating is blessed by God. So of what use would it serve you?

Don’t live with the intention of praying for people to come back to you and ask for forgiveness even if they fail to apologise for their flaws.
Be like a river, let things flow into the sea. Be grateful for people who came into your life. At least, they were kind to you at some point. Don’t hate people in pieces, look at things holistically. But if you harden your heart not to forgive, with the intention that they will come back, I beg to differ, God will make sure they don’t become a laughing stock.

And those who have also offend others, make a decision to ask for forgiveness. Humility is when you have the ability to say sorry. We need humans who can love and forgive one another.

May God give us the spirit to close the door envy, anger and jealous in our lives. These doors are the fastest route to experiencing hell.

Please let go.
Please forgive.
it is well

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