What Are You Changing For?

2017 has been a good year or otherwise to some of you. But we experienced a lot of changes in both economics, social and other concerning areas of our life. But I decided to take my time to give you this piece of advice which I believe will benefit you in coming 2018.
Have you ever asked yourself, what are you changing for?  Do you follow what the mass do or you try to think about things before you do.

It is very important to understand that change is necessary but all change must be regulated by some boundaries. These boundaries  are spiritual and natural principles. God created trees with roots to grow in the soil. That is a principle. God created trees to absorb sunlight which will create chlorophyll. The plant needs sun to create chlorophyll in order to live.  When you take a plant, and put it in box and seal it for two weeks, it will die. You can pray over the plant, speak in tongues over the plant but that plant will still die. Why?  because you took away one of the laws, you touched the principle.

This is because no man-made law can cancel natural law or spiritual law. Don’t leave your live on man’s law first. You have to first discover what the natural laws of God are and the spiritual law he placed in his creation.

All of our learning is a victim of natural law. Not all change is improvement, not all change is development or advancement.

I put it to you that change can develop or destroy. We must never forget that change must have a boundary. If you go to your house and you want to make some changes in your room. You don’t have to remove the walls. Because the walls are boundaries and they are built on foundation. If you touch the walls then you are destroying the house. No change is dangerous like unregulated change or change that is not wise. Learn to live by principles and not what is popular or trending.

The next time you want to take a step to change something make sure it is in line with the principle of God.

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