A Good Dancer Must Know When To Leave The Stage

Patrick Lumumba once said “Time limits are good things. No matter how good a dancer you are, you must leave the stage”. This saying caught my attention. I didn’t know what to make of this saying but I believe it has a deeper meaning which we can relate to our own lives.
This statement is a leadership statement. You may be depressed by how people at the top treat others who are trying to making it like them. Instead of them being a ladder to help them climb, some became antagonist who wants to bring them down because of the fear of them overtaking them.

I have always emphasized on the fact that great leaders build people, they don’t invest in material things.  Buildings can make sense when it is built to build people. I strongly believe that people will outlast building or all the material possession we have at hand.

One must make it a habit to support or vacate the stage when your time is up. You may be very good in your area of expertise but once you identify someone, believe in them and support them. Give others the opportunities to do what you are doing in order to build their confidence.

Believe in others when they take up initiatives, Just give them the stage when the time is due. But if you can’t help them, please don’t dampen their spirit. It may be your turn today like the dancer who thinks he is the best, but I believe just like the way the dancer has a time limit to perform, he will one day vacate the stage.

We are on a stage in this life and when our time is due we will surely leave. But before we leave, let us train others to take over the mantle when we are gone and  make them  better than us. Don’t cling to your position because your value is in your position. Your value is measured according to the number of people you trained, served and touched.

Make this your slogan:  “No matter how good you are if you stay for too long, you will end up loosing it” A good dancer must know when the vacate the stage.

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