Africa – From Mental Slavery To Physical Slavery (Libya)

Nothing shocked me than what recently happened in Libya. My heart got broken and I began to look down on my soul. I must say this is something that our forefathers had to pay certain price for. Some went to jail and others lost their lives to fight against it.

How on earth will this humiliation of slave trade continue?

How on earth are we still entertaining this barbaric act?

What has gone so wrong with us that we can’t be our brother’s keepers?

How can you auction human for $400?

Oh! What a shame and disgrace.

I hate this! I hate this! I totally disagree with this! What surprised me most was that after 48 hours, I heard nothing from our various international organizations in Africa after reading the news online. This is a big shame on us.

The world has classified us to be the third world people. People, they think our intellectual capacity is so low to compete with theirs. They have enslaved some of our countries by taking up the economy and suppressing us to work like animals and to the extent of selling our own people. The so called first world people  have caused our teacher to tell us that we are “C” students and we go about believing that , and some of us truly manifested as  an average all our lives.

Sometimes I think the so called first world people need to be educated. Do you even understand the meaning of IQ? it means Intelligence Quotient – it is what they believe our degree of intelligence is based upon after taking  some tests . These tests they think measures our motor skill, our thinking ability, our cognitive ability, our reading ability, our math ability etc, then based on these test they say, we are a “D” student. And some even have the guts to say we are a “D” person. And that we haven’t grown up yet and they tell us what we are going to be and do in life. Enough of this nonsense! How can you measure our capabilities with examinations and the marks we get from school?  We are more than that. We have so much potential to believe all these lies.  We are never half humans. You have made us look up to you guys for everything. What you need to know is that your theology is wrong .Our IQ is spelled HOLYSPIRIT. Our IQ is something that goes far beyond the pages of a test. It goes all the way to God.

You guys think you are smart. But your smartness is foolishness. If the wisdom you have doesn’t fulfill the purpose of God, you are having a perverted wisdom. It has blinded you; it is from the pit of hell. After killing their president who had his own shorfalls, you guys went ahead to treat their citizens as animals. It is sad and I won’t be surprise if our own people are even the one selling their own to them. But whatever be the case I can only rest my pen and say a prayer for Libya.



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