Never Put Your Future In Someone Else’s Hands

Growing up, many have been through various forms of struggles. Some, who found themselves at mercy of bad environment and poor parenting have to jump hurdles in order to turn their dreams into reality. In contrast, others walk past through the same situation in a better environment accompanied with better resources.

In the domain of those who grew up in deprived areas, I have seen a twist in their perception about the systems operating in the world. Many rules, laws and conventions laid out by society has never been in their favor. For them, the structure of society is a machine that gradually inoculation an idea of low self-esteem and corrupt moral values into their subconscious mind, which tells them they can’t make it in life.

We have witnessed the youth struggling to redefine the existing paradigm of government that propagate insecurities and doubts in their own abilities. Meanwhile, the same is true that our daily experiences re-affirm to us that society don’t expect us to make it and the government don’t care about our future. All these are meant to cripple our confidence and distort our dreams. And in fact many have ended up not becoming who they were meant to be. This sad reality leads to self-defeating.

Sadly to say, If you try to dream big with your strength and courage, the structures ridicule you to nothing. Your strides and steps cause hallucination to other just because it is you. Some never believe in your abilities and talents. Shockingly to know, some may be the very people whom you called your lovers, friends or family.

To take some few steps back into age, some of our parents have to toil hard with sadness clouded in their face just to make us happy.  Others don’t even have parents who will sprinkle hope to make them who they want to be. But through it all, they have learnt how to share everything with their siblings and friends. The river in their heart for kindness and strength to do good is still flowing unceasingly. Many of them have been able to rise amidst of all the storms they encountered.

In the same light, some are still drowned in the sea of helplessness, waiting for the government to solve their problem. But the last time I spoke to one of my friends, his mother who hasn’t stepped her foot in a classroom has employed 4 people.

 Now that we have entered a new phase, are you still going to quack like a duck or soar like an eagle?

Just look at yourself now, do you like the way you are right now? What have you done with your life so far? How well has the excuses you made paid you off? What are you proud of today?

Since these questions are independent and quite personal. I still believe your outlook towards like is driven by the ability to push beyond the limits.

Don’t sabotage yourself this time. Don’t let anyone hold you down. Don’t put your dreams in the hands of anybody. This time let people meet you in the process. Take the initiative and start today.

Pick a struggle, leave your comfort zone, work hard at it, pray a lot and don’t depend on people. This I believe will make you succeed. If you fail along the path, try again, and this time make yourself proud.

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