You Can Do Better

The greedy poor people are those who have little ambition, work their nine to five jobs, go home and sit on the sofa, complain about how the ‘little man” can’t get ahead, haven’t read a book since high school, and feel like the world owes them something. It may be free college education, free retirement, free insurance, or a total free ride. They think that just because they work their eight-hour-a-day jobs, they are doing all they can. And if they don’t make enough money doing it, then someone should step in and take care of them.

Let me be crystal clear, you don’t have to be dependent on anyone to make it in this life. Your task is to get started. You must set the balling rolling. Stop living the average life now and take control of your life. Find your passion and create wealth. It may be your talent, pursue it till you die.
Don’t be that poor man who feels the world owe him something. Rather be a solution to certain question that God knew your generation would one day ask.
It is well.

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