The Hero, Leader and Answer to Your Prayer, Is The Person You See In The Mirror

There are days when we pray for others to get into our space and help us chase our dreams. Whilst this may be true, it won’t stand the test of time.  If you don’t get up and strive harder, your dreams will just be a fairy-tale.

Before I left Huawei Technologies, my boss made a profound statement to me when I visited his apartment. He said “You don’t need to go about looking for powerful friends, it will be better when you become a powerful yourself. And when that happens, you will attract powerful people in your life”. This made million sense to me; because I need to help myself first before I can be helped.

Kindly take this practical exercise and see the outcome;

Now take a bold walk and face your mirror. Close your eyes firmly whiles you stand in front of it. Wait for some few seconds. Now open your eyes and tell me who you see. Well, you will see yourself. Now that person in the mirror is very powerful and important. Help that person in the mirror. Make that person become great. Do it yourself. And life will pay you at the right time.

You are your hero, leader,helper and cheerleader. Keep moving and life will reward you.

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