Wash Your Face

When you miss your target, desire or opportunities never get disappointed. I remembered the first time I stepped my foot in Knust. I was aiming to school outside after successfully passing my SAT with 85% scholarship offered me in a reputable university in Dubai. I couldn’t fetch the 15% capital for my fees at that time. All my effort to make it ended up in a disappointment.

I entered into KNUST very sad and devastated, but along the line I washed my face of my past. I had to embrace a new challenge and hit the mark again.

What I want to tell you today is that; You have to get rid of your past if you want to go forward. You are capable of forfeiting opportunities if you don’t learn to walk pass your past. Your past only prepares you for the next level. Today as I speak, God has blessed me with another opportunity to study my masters outside come next month.

You don’t have to let your past draw on your face. Don’t wear it as a mask. You have to change your attitude of your past or else you will miss your altitude in life.

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