The Society Of Blamers

We are living in a world full of blamers. I am not surprised seeing people blame the past for the future, sickness for health, parents for behaviors and government for unemployment.
Wait for a moment because I am much concerned about people blaming the government for unemployment. The last time I read my bible I never chanced on any chapter which read “the government should provide employment for the people”.

We measure a country’s success by its GNP, which means Gross National Product. This is based on the productivity of each person in the country. Now the truth of the matter is that there are quiet a number of things we can do or achieve as individuals without necessarily waiting on the government. That presupposes that if you don’t find work and ingenuity within you, the whole nation will suffer from poverty.

You have to deploy yourself or else others will employ you and determine how much you must get. The government doesn’t owe you a dime. You need to be your own C.E.O. Learn to date yourself and discover what you are capable of.

It is true that you can work for others, and have your own business. Even with that the society will still hate you. But that is what will set you apart. Stop blaming your irresponsibility on others and become the best version of yourself.

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