Little Things-Part B

There are things we cannot assimilate or habitually develop until we learn to practice them sip by sip, while enjoying the process. There is nothing like big love, patience, or kindness. The more you practice walking in these realities day by day, while feeding on more knowledge in the same direction, the more you grow in them. Constant practice, makes perfect! “Keep on fanning the borrowed fired tiny charcoal from the nearest tenant, mummy said (those who ever lived in a compound house can grasp this photographic memory). Sooner than later, the forest of charcoal caught fire. The arranged facial expression clothed with joy for achievement. Job done in excess. The meal yet to be cooked. It’s okay! Mummy threw in the towel”. We can achieve our targeted milestone by learning (even if it has to be in bit by bit) and practicing. Never despise small beginnings! Keep building. Keep fanning. Keep smiling. Put in the efforts. One step at a time. Little things make great difference.

Some do take simple things for granted that could have changed their lives completely. The demeaning words freely spoken as though it meant nothing could ruin the hope of progress in relationships. To hinder the advancement of a course or something do not need a bulldozer for execution, just a single careless word altered can. Thus, we need to be impeccable and careful with the very words we speak to one another. Allow me to unpack more on ‘words’. Our words must be seasoned with salt and love. Someone once said, “Our words are like nitroglycerin. They can either blow up bridges or heal hearts”. Words lift a man’s spirit. They transit from: ‘thoughts-actions-habits-character’. The latter controls the dynamics in our relationships. A word said in hate or anger, I bet you, mostly ushers in ranging storms. If you do not have anything nice to say, then do not say anything. We can always say nice words, if we tune our mind and heart to do so. Always. On the flip side, one wonderful and genuine word of encouragement can sow an eternal seed of great productivity and perfection. Speak to the King and Queen in people.  There is a way we carefully speak to Kings and Queens. Gentle and sound.

A one-day charity shown to a hungry bird on the endless floor of graced words and love, kept it coming on a regular without the fear of being captured into captivity someday”. (Right now smiles engulfed my handsome face because my soft cheeks had had a plethora touch of poetic pancake)

The art of thanksgiving and being grateful would not take anything from us. It rather adds more beauty, value and meaning to life. I am encouraged anytime my heart reminds me of the Lord’s admonishment. ‘In all things (whether big or small, pleasant or unpleasant) give thanks, for this is God’s will for us’ (see 1 Thessalonians 5:18).  If you are not thankful to God in little things, would you be in much? Wait a minute with me on Humility.  The prize for humility has made great and reliable profits, without theft. (The price or cost for being humble has enormous benefit). Humility defies age. The ability to learn and walk in humility might be the answer you have been searching for years. Humility to say ‘am grateful Lord’, ‘yes’, ‘you look great and beautiful’ and ‘well done’. The embodiment of humility to accept correction, discard unnecessary retaliation and embrace walking in love every day. Little things could mean something very great for someone. It has the tendency to shift perspectives and mindsets and as well capable of transforming lives in a unique way.

The human emotion is unpredictable. It can easily go off-guarded in unguarded circumstances. Let me share a moment I had with a friend. We were having a very soft discussion on our personal stands on what could be the preferred subtle means to fight for our rights when infringed upon by leaders. I stood on the pulpit like Martin Luther King Jr. and ‘Gandhiji’ with my hands raised, ‘I stand for non-violence. Violence begets violence’. Applauds erupted from the walls. By now, I have an opponent to win. My friend believed violence should be an alternative if things get worst. The debate got heated. Emotions aroused. Eventually, I was escorted through the doors without sympathy and compensation. ‘Go home’, were the last words I heard. But, I learnt something during our conversation. The urgency of everyone’s call to delve extensively into the course of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. We need to build emotional capacity, else little dialogues in homes, workplaces, offices, schools and hospitals can turn into violence rally grounds. While we do not necessarily have to agree with others on every term, we must hug it out with respect. Not with fighting and atomic insults. On the other hand, we can zip our mouths when we find ourselves in heated level of crazy arguments. Instead of turning the volume of the hurricane by a notch, throw in more peace to make the eye of the hurricane calmer. Instead of adding petrol to the roaring flames, we can extinguish the fire by being peace makers. It is a blessing to being registered among the latter. Keep your peace in spite of the lies, gossips, tidal waves, lewd speeches, and storms. I must admit, is not an easy path to choose. Because peace-making is a bitter syrup for some to take. But it is healing to be a peace producer.

I believe many reading this short article have heard ‘little things’ so many times. But the capacity to understand and live with this reality is essential. Do not stop if you already on the right path. Be inspired and do not throw hope into the dust at the expense of the small things you purposefully did, that went by unrecognized. They are investments with great dividend in the long run. And to all of us, as a unanimous toast of agreement, it’s a new season of being faithful in little things. Faithful in saying ‘I am sorry’ when we wrong someone either knowingly or unknowingly. Let me chip in word of exaltation before benediction. Perhaps, where you are currently working is not your dream, but who knows it is a stepping stone towards the bigger dream. Sometimes, we find ourselves at places not because it is our final destination, but an opportunity to extend the investment of personality to that environment. That’s a huge blessing.  In brief, give your best and make a positive impact. Keep working, tapping, believing and praying. Continue loving and forgiving. It may take some time to arrive. Word of your arrival will soon circulate quickly like President Donald Trump. But little by little, hit by hit (with eyes on the right spot), God will take you to where He has prepared for you.

What a great nugget to pick from ants the great and wise species with super intelligence for management. Little by little, they gather food in summer for winter. A huge silo was an end product as a result of relentless investment for greater harvest. The expectation of famine was cut short; simply unaccommodated in winter season. Wow! Little things do matter, I mean they do beyond our comprehension. And while we pursue our goals in life just like ants, do not hand over eternal sentence to celebrating and enjoying little things. Cheer up! It works!

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Written by Asamoah Courage Olivant (Min Smartt)

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