Sometimes Your Motive Alone Signifies Success

Wherever you find yourself, serve with good intention and act in good faith-Tsifodze Ernest
The popular cliché that suffices is ” words without actions are meaningless”.

This is true. But sometimes the motives or intentions you have in itself is meaningful, and can lead to success. The reason for this bold statement is that we tend to underestimate good intentions. Whiles in principle, sometimes just having a good thought alone makes you successful within.

This was the experience that changed my mind:

I went to church one evening and the man of God instructed the church to ‘sow a seed’ to support the work of God. I was two seats away from the altar. In my ‘shallow’ faith, I contemplated if I would be able to raise that money myself. To put it simple, the ‘seed’ called out was huge.

The man of God waited patiently for someone to take the first step of faith to the altar. My conscience pushed me but my doubt chained my feet.

After about 3 minutes, a young man walked boldly to the altar. He went straight to the man of God. His eyes were filled with love and his demeanor sparked humility.

“Gentleman, what do you do?” The servant of God asked him.

In a gracious voice, he replied, “Father, I am a photographer in this church”

I was curious to know why he was being asked these questions.

I wondered if the pastor didn’t expect this young man to come forward due to the amount concern. Or did his faith and intention won the pastors heart?

These were questions I tried finding answers to as I sit.

The man of God proceeded and said, “Which school do you attend?”

He replied, “Father, I recently completed my tertiary education” “Father, I don’t have the money now, but I came her to pledge that I will raise the money and bring it to support the work of God,”

His final statement was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

His intension alone, fueled by his faith had set him apart.

This is faith in motion.

The man of God looked into his eyes and told him these words;

“You have taken a bold step to walk to the altar of Grace to give God what you don’t even have in your hands. Your intention and faith have won you a scholarship to study outside. I will take care of all the cost and support you to study for Masters and PHD.”

There was a loud voice in the church. The young man had his breakthrough that night. That night must have been one of his happiest moment.

His intention became his success.

The moral lesson is that:

God will test you to know your intentions. But once your intention and choices are rooted in love, he will reward you in the process.

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