Love Doesn’t Leave You Empty

There are many of us who are victims of brokenheart. Our lives have always been marked by the tendency to do more than necessary for our partners or any other person closer to us. Yet, all our efforts sometimes seem fruitless when we feel we have been left or let down by them.

There is a popular cliche which is a common language for any person in love. It goes this way, “ I can’t live without you, you are my world and everything”.

This statement in the initial stages may hold a lot of roots. But gradually hardship and situation test the depth of it.

By now people who have failed in this statement have a proper narrative on it. That all these words are just extension of our deficiency to love. However, it is still a living dream for those who are yet to experience the outcomes of this sayings.

Now here are some few tips to take along;

Where there is a reason for love, there is a condition.
Where there is condition, there is expectation.
Where there is expectation, there is disappointment.
Where there is disappointment, there is division. The division results in divorce.
Love has no feelings, no emotions and love has no reason. Love is about understanding and making a decision to live by it.

Therefore, you can’t love what you don’t understand. The best case scenario is that many of us love airplanes but only few people understand how it works and can actually fly it.

In this case, it sad for a person to feel empty after falling out of love. Love is about making a decision based on your understanding. However, there is a thin line between attachment and love.

Attachment comes from a deep selfish interest that forces you to put yourself first always. Love comes from an overflow of self love extended to another.

Even if you loose your loved ones, you are still not empty. At least you still have yourself and self love won’t go away.

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