Our Tears and Blood will be our Monuments

You are killing us because we are protesting for our rights.

You are hitting us hard because we want to be free on our soil.

What have we done to you to deserve this massacre on our soil?

You will kill us in thousands, but our drops of blood will bring millions to join the fight.

We will get hurt and cry, but our tears will crack the walls of injustice and bloodshed as we sing our National anthem with passion mixed with blood.

We have suffered a lot in a country that was meant to prosper us and give us freedom.

You can’t silence our voice.
You can’t break our unity.
You can’t crush our spirit.

The battle has just begun.
We will fight until the last tears drop.
We will effect a change with our bruises and scars.

After selling our natural resources to foreigners,
We won’t sit for you to sell our pride.
We won’t wait for you to kill our own.

For whatever it takes for us to come out victorious, we will do it.
We won’t be so much concerned about the silence of some of the leaders in other parts of the world.
This fight is for us the youth.
And we are going to do it with our blood and sweats.

This is our land.
And we are doing this for our generation yet unborn.
We are Africans

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