God Of Our Silent Tears

If I ever told you not to start anything in your life from the point of pain,

You will tell me love itself drips with pain because it involves sacrifices.

Our life has been full of ups and downs. 

But some of the downs crippled me. 

Even though society forcefully made me believe life is a race,

I keep wondering if a cripple can run in a race?

Can I trust that people would still love me if I show them how broken I am?

Could it be merely that they love me just because of how I love them?

The school of life has relegated me to pain while contemplating my life.

My tears have formed a well inside me.

Every day of trying means every day of pain

I know I can’t continue to be mighty publicly if I am weak privately. 

For sometimes, I cried without tears. 

As hard as it was, I learned pain is power.

And that pain is my secret weapon to fight to the end.

The pain of people walking away from me without a trace taught me to stand strong alone. 

The pressure that life has marked on me is more than I can carry.

But I smiled even with a falling heart.

Sometimes I scream with no voice.

As bad as it may look like, 

There is a little voice inside me that keeps telling me this:

In happiness or distress,

In honor of dishonor,

In success or failure,

In victory or defeat,

In health or disease,

God will answer us when we pray from our hearts.

So in my pain, I should call out to him.

In my happiness, I should be grateful.

But I should always remember neither situation will last for long.

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