Water Your Seeds With Your Tears

The precious seeds in the hands of the farmer can not grow until it is buried in the ground. 

The real potential of the seed is revealed when it is buried alone in the ground.

The farmer hopes that those precious seeds germinate.

The transition of the seed into a tree that bears fruits is determined in the process.

What about your dreams?

The process of your dreams becoming a reality is very messy. 

It becomes so painful when you don’t have any helper. But sadly one can’t skip the process.

Just like the farmer relying on rains or undergoing irrigation to water his seeds, 

So are our tears during the process of making our dream a reality.

Many have wept and used their tears to water their precious seeds.

They did it in pain.

They did that with the hope that those seeds will germinate. 

But today I want anyone reading this to understand that your dream is your faith. 

Don’t expect people to believe in your dreams. 

It is painful sometimes to go through those lonely periods of watering your seeds( nurturing). 

You may have to cry, but cry whiles watering your seed. If the tree stands tall one day, you will appreciate how low it started. 

Cry your last tears but use it to water your dreams. However, be rest assured that you don’t reap with the same tools you sow with.

Be strong on this journey.

It is well

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