How We Walk With The Broken Speaks Louder Than How We Sit With The Great

Once, in class four, I walked into my mother’s room without knocking the door. Mother was busily working on my torn shorts.

On seeing this, i quickly remembered I had two torn shorts under my bed. I dashed to my room to get it for her to mend.  I didn’t get the whole process of mending my cloths every week then.

Recently, I visited my mom, exactly 3rd of May, 2018 and I made some observation about that very sewing machine that mended all my clothes then. This time, the sewing machine is out of use. I walked and rubbed my hands on it. I saw something different.  I saw a machine operating on the wheel of love, forgiveness and patience.  I got an understanding that was to change my life forever.

Here is the wisdom:

Our lives are just like the sewing machine. There are times people will throw hurt, disappointment and other painful stuff at  you. It is your duty to take time to mend them all. Our lives are not all about new clothes. It tears or looses button all the time and we just have to try again, or apologize as well as try forgiving the mistakes of others. You and I were created to help others. If you treat a person as they are, they will remain the same. If you treat them as if they were what they could be, they can become what they could be.


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