You Never Grow In Good Times

Sometimes life can be so difficult and you ask yourself a lot of questions. I want to tell you that God promised change. I have been through some difficult times and I thought all is lost. But I have realized that in the book of Ecclesiastics, the bible says to everything there is time and seasons.

The good part of season is that it helps you grow when it is a bad one.  The human brains have been designed for a demand to be placed on it. when you are down there just know that it won’t last. I want to draw your mind to something.

In the book of Genesis, Adams was created as an adult. He had no parents, he had no past or experience. Because God wanted to activate his brains, he asked him to name everything. This should tell you God will give you a demand to reveal your ability.

Take heart and look at your current position in life as a springboard to greatness.

It is well

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