When I Passed Through The Door

I saw from afar other people entering through the same door.

I believed it will be easy for me to pass through when I get close.

I tried pushing the door, but it was as firm as a rock.
My heart felt the pains.
My eyes started forming tears.
Fear creeped in my head.

I thought, someone will probably open the door for me too.

Oh! but at first I saw people entering.

I pushed the door with all my strengths…
But when I was about to give up…

The door opened….

How could the world be like this?
I saw people when I finally opened the door.

They heard me knocking.
But they folded their arm and laughed at my efforts.
I thought the world would have helped me when I was behind the door..

But when I passed through the door,
I broke down the lock,
And I kept it open for others.

I am a complete world of my own.
And if people should experience my world, they should always remember the door I left open for them.

I found my answers in my pains.
But others should find their answers in me
I want to be the answer to their secret prayers.
I want to see them walk through that door without knowing there was a door.

Until then, pray for me to keep opening doors for others. And when my strength fails me, I hope you will also be a door opener to many.

It is well

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