A Letter To The Uninspired Youth

I posted a quote that said, “Don’t work 8 hours for a company then go home and not work on your own goals. You’re not tired, you’re uninspired”. Many were able to relate this to themselves. However, I wrote this letter to just to help one person in getting to know why he is still uninspired and help him know the way forward.

One of the main goals of this generation is to make money. Many of the youth have deployed a lot of ways and tactics without paying much attention to the process to make money. Some think once you make money, you will be comfortable and happy in this life. Everyone is chasing pleasure and a life embroidered by hedonistic values.

Well, I want you to read this now to understand that money doesn’t give value to your life. We must rethink of our lives. The kind of deep satisfaction you need can’t be given to you by money. What you really need is a deep belief that you matter, that you are beautiful, and that you count. Once you believe in this, you have to find your gifts and talent.

We have to commit ourselves in becoming a person of value. People are afraid of losing their jobs than their gifts. Yes! I know you need your job to survive, but why are you not working on your goals, dreams and gifts? Your job is never a guarantee in this life. You can be sacked; the company can collapse at any time.

What will become of you when you are fired from your job? This question is actually the frustration of many. The greatest challenge you have is that you haven’t decided to commit to yourself and work on your goals and dream. You didn’t come to this world with a job, but you came with a gift.

You gift is what will bring you value. But the choice to develop it is with you.

“You have brains in your head

You have feet in your shoes

You can steer yourself any

Direction you choose.”- Dr Seuss

Go to work in the morning and in the evening find something to do that will improve your life or work on your goals. I must admit Life is simple, just focus on your gift and develop it so well that you can’t be rejected ever.

You don’t need to leave your job. But do that once you have fully developed your gifts and talent. Always remember this “Your job is paying you to develop your gift once you are done developing them, you decide how much you want to earn with your gifts”

You have the responsibility to make your nation better. Find value through your gifts and talents- money will follow.

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