Bad Environments Destroy Good Destinies

The power of environment is so important for one to succeed. After carefully scrutinizing things close to me, I knew why the successful succeeded. I knew why the people around me had failed. I knew the force behind that. It was basically their environment. Your environment is so much important in your life. If you don’t become intentional about it, you won’t make it in life.

To illustrate the power of environment, let me encourage you to consider just our normal natural world. A fish will only swim when in water. A seed will only grow when in the soil. The reason is that they need the right environment to succeed.

This applies to humans. When your environment is so poisonous, you don’t make progress even with your good ideas and plans. Also, when you are surrounded by people who only feed you with doubts, you won’t make any impressive progress. It is time to take a bold step out.

It is your responsibility to take initiatives to create such environment. It will require hard work but it will be worth it. Your environment can be a place or the people you surround yourself with.

As you are striving to change your environment, it is also very important to change yourself.

To those who are considering these elements,

“The right soil to grow in: what nourishes me? Growth

The right air to breathe in: what keeps me alive? Purpose

The right climate to live in: what sustains me ? People.”- John C Maxwell.

Think about these and make a decision for your future.


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