If Only We Knew- Lessons From Ebony’s Death

If you know how easily people forget about the dead, you wouldn’t live your life to please others instead you will do all you can everyday just to please God – Tsifodze Ernest

One of the pressing question we should ask ourselves is “How would others remember us when we are gone? This is not just a mere question but it calls for one to sit up and leave a legacy behind. Jesus never built houses, his greatest investment was in people. He was able to use 12 men to change the whole world.

People are so much focus on buildings and material things . Everybody wants to buy properties and material things and most fail to impart others, most fail to mentor others and in fact most fail to help others.

You have to understand that people outlast building and material things. If you really want to measure how successful you are, you don’t need a tombstone. What you need is the number of people you have imparted, developed and the helping hand to you gave to others during your stay on earth.

Stop protecting your positions, stop keeping what you know to yourself, stop being selfish, love God, repent and forgive others.

If what you learn dies with you then you are a failure. If what you could give to others but you didn’t dies with you, you are wicked and selfish. Legacy is about producing leaders and helping others not maintaining followers and sitting on positions.

Learn to think of the next generation more than the next position in your life. Life is so short.

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