No Self-made Man, Mentoring Makes a Man

It was a sunny saturday when Mr. Tyrone picked me up for a meeting with a client.

Many thoughts came in mind.
“What exactly I am going to say should I be asked a question concerning my research work?”, I asked myself silently.

My boss ( Tyrone) started talking passionately about how he wants to bring talents together and provide them with the needed opportunities.

My focus shifted. I was listening to him with heart. All I could feel was a deep desire in him to help others.

A few minutes into the meeting, he started giving me some parameters for consideration should in case I am asked.

From that standpoint, I started reflecting on the opportunities he provided me. The coaching, the pushing, the patting, and the inspiration.

It is true that instead of choosing a job, one should choose a boss. For me, choosing a boss gave me the needed skills for success.

This article is intended to remind us that we are who we are because someone believed in us.

Many people have lured others into believing that they are self-made. But the last time I checked my note of gratitude, I realized we are who we are because someone loved and took care of us.

There are people out there who have invested their time, energy, passion and money into us.
They are the people who needed nothing from us except to help us light the candles within us.
They were people who only wanted to see us become our dreams.

The next time you feel all your achievements, accolades, certificates, and trophies are based only on your own personal efforts, I want you to sit back and start counting how people opened the doors of opportunity for you. And how many lifted you when you almost gave up.

Your efforts count in the success equation, but the touch of others made a difference in your life.

One needs to very grateful for those who pushed and held their hands at the same time.

Therefore be grateful today and for those who gave you their best.


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  1. It’s a pity how some of use is being programmed to believe in these self made fairy tales

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