How Much Is Your Social Capital?

One of the most cherished moments in my life was when I booked an uber for a trip that was supposed to cost me $5 dollars. When I entered the car, the driver was so excited to see me. Honestly, I couldn’t believe my eyes when he pulled his phone out to show me some of my writings he has saved on it. I was very happy and grateful. 

When I ended my trip, he declined to take the fare. Well, I forced him, but he insisted. However, he made a striking statement saying, “Take the fare as an offertory for your good works”. 

Forgive me, if this sounds like I am boasting. But I genuinely want you to understand the value of social capital and help you build one.

In this world that we live today, those who hate you don’t matter. But the antithesis holds that those who like you really matter to your success.

The concept of social capital has been diluted on the premise that the larger your networks, the higher your social capital. Beating the concept down to who you know has misled a lot of people. 

It is not enough to know people but it golden to give people something to remember you for?

Martin Luther once said, “the most persistent and urgent question in this life is what are you doing for others? 

I am also asking you if there is one thing that you will make others remember you, what would it be?

These two questions can be your pillar for success. The underlying point for these two is all about Value. And value is a by-product of service.

Instead of rushing after every program to meet people and take their contact. Why do you also consider developing a skill, a passion, and pursuing a purpose, that will attract a quality relationship that will help you build your social capital?

The reason why a lot of people are not being helped is that they don’t attract better. They go with the main aim of seeking help without considering how they can also be beneficial to others. 

Mind you, value through service creates a relationship. It is a long process for one to go through. A relationship is not bribery. The latter is a way of hurrying a relationship without following the process. A quality relationship takes time and effort. But it pays off better. 

The new currency today is a relationship. The greater your network of people who believe in you, the greater your chance for success. All the problems in the world can be solved through relationships, but it should be based on a mutual ground of value. 

What are doing for others?

What do people know you for?

When one shifts from the mindset of networking to service, the miracle begins. 

It is well

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  1. It is well. ALMOST GAVE UP DOING LITTLE THINGS BUT thanks for this article.
    Great great great

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