In My Weakness

Poem by Tsifodze Ernest

I keep drinking my tears

Rain of dreams

Let me cry today.

Let the sea of pains in my heart explode

Let the pain wash me

Because it is a secret that I can’t hide

You still tell me you need me

You go further to give me hope when I am at the end

You make me see my eternity

You even called me your friend

Your heart knows

So does mine

Please go away from my memories

Because I struggle before pleasing you

Even fire flows easily from my eyes when I remember you.

Your love is my worship

My eyes keep expressing the feelings in my heart.

I have been struggling to love myself

But I love you with my brokenness

If there is no path leading to you,

I will create my path leading to you

On my journey home,

Let envy not sting me

On my journey home,

Let me delight at the touch of your feet

On my journey home,

Let me not get trapped by the more of the world

On my journey home,

Let me not wish evil with and for anyone

Let me walk side by with others home

And please let love lead me home

Lord don’t deny me the intentions of my praying heart

Just like our time on earth is like a piece of art,

I believe our eternity will be the gallery.

Where all our pieces of art will make sense.

For our history is his-story

It is well

  1. Oh father who art in heaven. Does that mean you paint pictures? I do the same thing on earth and put my pains in scriptures.


  2. “I wanted to thank you for this wonderful read!! I absolutely enjoyed every little bit of it. I have you bookmarked, to look at new stuff you post.

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