The Earthly Brotherhood

Written by Lawyer Barimah Onesimos

Through out the changing scenes of life, time gifts us that special person whom God entrust us with…to help us undertake our journey on earth.

They may come into our lives by some bizarre circumstances which make us ponder and smile. It may be at school, church or even at our work place.

The truth is that these kind of people share in our joy and pain, and are ready to go the extra mile to see us succeed. They are highly interested in our success.

They defy society’s construct of family. It is not always genetic but the family can be socially orchestrated to respond to only those who belong in blood.
Personally, in my life, I have been blessed to come into contact with many of these individuals who have greatly assisted me when they knew nothing or little about me.

One of the vivid memories that kept lingering on my mind had to do with a lecturer ( Lawyer Edmund Nelson Nii Amasah) who accommodated me for over a year whiles he was also a student at the law school. He fed me and also taught me how to drive. I call him ‘Sir’ even though he was also my ‘mate’ in school.

Similarly, a colleague ( Lawyer Stephen Obeng Darko) also extended an unimaginable assistance when i needed to relocate to Accra to begin life as a lawyer.
I recalled the time I called him and said, “Master, the K@L firm has called me for my pupillage in Accra but you know I don’t have any one there to stay with”

His words gave me comfort when he replied, “Come I will be your family”.
And against all odds, he has always been there throughout. Even in times of trouble and merry.

Currently in my professional life as a lawyer, I have been touched by some leaders who gave me all the opportunities to grow on the job. They have instilled in me the ‘can do spirit’. My boss ( Kwame Baafour Asiamah-Adjei) has taught me that leadership is by making others better by your presence and making sure the impact last in your absence.

Touched deeply by the assistance of these walking angelic prophets, I always strive to be a disciple and do unto others what they do unto me.

May we all strive to be disciples of these angelic prophets in our fields of work. May God bless us all and make us continue to be walking disciples of these prophets. The next time you think of kindness ,remember it is a seed you sow into generation, not just in a person.

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