Remembrance Is An Expression Of Love

Living and studying in India, I am very happy with the prospect of my project work.

My study team and I decided to study vulnerable groups in society. Through the study, I made new friends with children constituting the bulk of them.

During one of the community visitations, we decided to teach members of the community some basic art skills including making prototype planes and ship using papers. This was a wonderful experience. My guess is that it was something very new for most of the children in that community.

At the initial stages of our engagement, some of them found it difficult to relate with me – probably because I was a foreigner with language a significant barrier.

My school has since gone on a break and I am beside myself with reflections. Reflecting on the community engagements, I realized something strange with many of the children. On one such occasion, as I walked to pick up the bus to my hostel, these children ran towards me. I was very surprised they remembered me. I least expected such an experience but I was happy and felt that remembrance creates a feeling of love.

These experiences brought my subconscious mind alive. I remembered how I felt when friends called during my birthdays to wish me well in the new year.

I have recounted this story because one needs to be grateful to those who remember individuals and reach out. Money cannot and should not always be seen as an expression of love. The time and energy individuals make to reach out to us is in itself an act of LOVE.

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