Tsifodze Ernest

Some things made me angry to the point that the hurt pushed me to make hard decisions for my life.

Those hard decisions emanated from me reaching my breaking points, and I could not take the hurt anymore. Therefore, I used the pains within me to ignite a possible change.

People say, “ hurt people hurt people”. But the truth is “ hurt people hurt people because they fail to conduct a postmortem on their pains.”

When things hurt you, take a step back and do a postmortem about it. After, use the knowledge gathered from your assessment to change. This is important because when you are hurt, your feelings are likely to dictate your actions. You end up being bitter.

Your intention to change will be on the ticket of revenge or hatred.

But when you take that a step back and do a postmortem, you will change on the ticket of love.

Even when you are hurt, your intention to change will be motivated by love.

And when that happens, you can graciously remove yourself from situations and people without explaining or complaining. Honestly, you can forgive those who hurt you within yourself. Forgiveness starts with you. That is the real strength, and this strength only comes from within.

Whatever bothers you, take a back and use that pain to break your chains. You can do it but do it graciously with love.

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