A Letter To The Older Generation

The way the older generation (anybody born before 1975) are going about calling our generation lazy and not hardworking is worrying. They try to make us the problem and forget they are the problem. Let me tell them this, we weren’t the ones who went abroad on government scholarships, we weren’t the ones who ate full chicken in school and drank milk. We never saw a Ghana flowing with milk and honey because some concerned themselves with eating and not thinking. They unlike the biblical Pharaoh didn’t store in the time of plenty against the great famine.

You said I should start a company, but how many companies did you start when you left the university and got a house and a nice ‘tortoise car’. Your generation is the one in which officials looted away our future but you are more concerned with us having tattoos and dreadlocks. You buy yourself expensive cars yet you complain you don’t have money when a hardworking youth comes to your office with a good business idea. Your generation failed itself.

Every old man /woman everywhere would tell a young person there is no job, that we are lazy and should become entrepreneurs, I understand the whole narrative of creating jobs. But wait a minute, as you have been gainfully employed as a government worker since 80’s how many jobs have you created? How many businesses did you venture into?

You are all scared to retire into misery, and carry placards for unpaid pension. So you change your date of birth and fight for elongated stay in public service and you later tell us that the public sector is full and there is no employment. Who do you think you are fooling? This attitude gives less room to young, vibrant, able bodied men to take up offices and move the country forward.

You have made our environment very poisonous and you expect us to grow and bear fruits. When was the last time you intentionally planned to train someone to replace you? When was the last time you gave someone the platform to boost their confidence?

I am not saying I am a self made man but I want you to understand that most of us in this generation are not lazy. I rest my pen!!!

  1. This is the hard truth. And it’s high time the youth constantly remind themselves of this reality and move out of the dungeon of regrets and self-pity and make good use of the available resource —time, thoughtfulness and strength to make this country a haven for us and the bright future ahead of us .

  2. The truth is hard to say but that does not mean it shouldn’t be said. It high time the older folks stop using us for a consolation, a scapegoat for something we knew nothing about. The thing is where we even the when they traded the future for pleasurable fantasies and some tobacco? It is time we point out things to them,teach them to man up and face their nightmares.The courage to stake a stance on this one is highly commendable. Great job

  3. Charlie you have said it all. You nailed it right on its head. Often, the older folks want to paint a picture in which they portray us as the indolent generation. Perhaps, this is engineered to forestall any attempt on our part to blame them. It’s about time we realized this and ignored them

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