When There Is Nobody Around You To Make You Shine; Make Your Own Light

Most of the time that I didn’t get the needed support reminds me of the power that I have to make my light.

We sometimes forget that the bigger the courage and the desire, we can carry our burden.

Many people are afraid to start something for themselves. It could a business or a passion that they have. Amidst the fear, they forget to feel the fear and take the big step anyway.

I was very fascinated about how even some species can light their hope to keep themselves moving on.

A practical one has to do with the fireflies. How amazing to see them at night. No wonder a lot of children keep awake just to chase them at night. Surprisingly, the fireflies can convert chemical energy into light. The biochemical process happens in their abdomen which involves enzymes and proteins.

How wonderful!!

Strangely, when frogs eat fireflies they begin to glow. And for the female fireflies, they need to light up to attract the males.

The lesson is basic. One looks attractive when they light themselves up. People won’t support you when you start something from scratch. If you are lucky enough, you can have a few friends and family standing by you.

However, like the fireflies, we can light ourselves by flying the kites of hope and making moves based on an outlined plan.

You don’t always need people to help at the start. If your desire to succeed is stronger than your fear of failure. You can light yourself. Once you light yourself, it will attract others to you.

What led the wise men to Jesus was the light from the sky. What will lead others to you is when you try and produce just a little light yourself.

Take time to plan your dreams. But when it is time for execution, don’t worry about who is there to support or not. Go hard on them and you will light. From experience, once you keep hitting the hammer on the rock consistently, you will see the light.

Keep pushing!!!
It is well

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  1. I am really inspired by this Ernest. Thanks for lighting my conscience. God bless you 🙏

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