Politicians Target The Next Election; Leaders Target The Next Generation

All money in the world can make you rich and all the power in the world can make you strong. But these things can never make you a leader. -Myles Munroe

I have been privilege to witness politicians promising us all the basic necessities we need to make our lives comfortable.

I have witnessed a situations where some even go the extra mile of telling us that they are putting our interest first.

I am not saying they don’t try to put in effort to make this happen but I know most of them are self- centered, greedy and parochial.
True leaders don’t seek power to pursue a selfish agenda. Rather, they are driven by a passion to achieve a noble cause.

The focus of this piece is not to devote time space to politicians. I want to speak to you! Yes you!. You my reader!

You have an assignment in this life. Your assignment determines your area of leadership.

I know deep inside, you may be struggling to free yourself from the limitations of your past experiences, present circumstance and self-imposed doubts. No matter what you are busy doing, no matter what you are accomplishing, if it’s not what God wants you to do, you won’t be completely successful in it.


Because true success is not what you accomplished; it is doing what God told you to do.
Let us help build a better world by pursing our purpose. We have to build others when we are going up. Succession is the only word in the dictionary that has success in it.
Therefore, success in life is measured by people you trained to succeed or become better than you.

Be a generational thinker too and help create a cadre of change – makers.

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