Put Passion Into Purpose


I think the worst advice you can give to young people is “follow your passion”. It may sound exciting but it is self destructing!

If you follow your passion, you may confuse it with your feelings. If the winds of life blow, your flame may die out. Sometimes you cannot tell your passion from your feeling.

You have to follow your purpose. Remember, your passion is the flame and your purpose is the lamp stand.

Rather, fit your passion into your purpose. Your passion should follow your purpose.

Whenever you feel like doing it or not, the purpose will help you fuel the passion. Find your passion and teach the passion to follow your purpose.

Start doing what you love doing, don’t regret what you have done or the seasons you have wasted doing nothing. Focus on what you love and channel it to your purpose. Remember where you have fallen and get up. Doing your passion is a decision, not a sensation. Make a decision today to do what you love doing. Practice and become! Passion is proven by perseverance, you haven’t find your passion until you feel pass your feeling.

Remember, passion must fit into purpose.

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