There Is No Destiny In Your Past

There are times in our life when we are not proud of the things we did. There are days when we felt probably we could have done better. However, be it good or bad, our past can only be a guiding light for us to make better decisions for our tomorrow.

In many cases, some people have been crippled by their past. This has hampered their ability to plan for the future. But in order for people to make the best of their lives, they have to rise above their past.

It is important for one to appreciate his past be it good or bad, and never succumb to it. This mindset anchors the saying, “You are greater than your past. And if you dwell on the good things you have done without planning on the next good things to do, you may limit yourself.”

The biggest enemy to one success is his last success. On similar lines, the biggest self defeating attitude towards one’s life is brooding over the past.

One can reflect and learn from their past but one should never live there. Nothing grows in the past. Also, our past has no destiny.

One can only become better when he dovotes time into planning the future. However, one has to plan what is noble, good, and helpful. For us to become the better version of ourselves, we have to upgrade our lives with better decisions. And the past should just be a stepping stone.

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