If You Can’t See God In All; You Can’t See Him At All

There are alot of things we can’t see, yet we believe in them. One of the examples has to do with the Law of Gravity. You can disagree with it but when you jump off a building, you will experience something you can’t see but it will change how you think.

The world have been divided along religion,race, creed and caste. Religion has overshadowed the main purpose of our existence.

Religion has left man searching for something he already has within.

When you take a glass of milk and I ask you to show me the butter inside it. I think it will be difficult for you to do it. Just like the butter get dissolve in the milk so is God inherent in every human being.

God is in you, God is in me. God is in all of humanity. Religion is man-made. Therefore, there is no need to hate anyone or feel your religion is superior to others.

The problem of the world today is hunger for love. We don’t need a world full of religious people; we need a world graced with love.

What is more important is our ability to see souls instead of bodies. See love instead of hate, Be compassionate instead of indifferent.

We have less time to live our lives. Yet others have enough time to hate. Let us extend love all over.

When we are conciously practicing all these, it awaken God inside us. Because in our hearts, he has built his temple.

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