Believe In The Dark What He Told You In The Light

God and his promises are the only two things that never changes. If God and his promises never changes then you should know that nothing is perfect except God and his promises. But his promises also include nothing is permanent. He said ‘to everything there is time and season’.
You may be in the dark now probably you have lost your job, or you may be experiencing financial difficulties. All these are the reality you are facing now. But I want to tell you that controlled perception is not denial of reality. Yes!  You will come across problems but it is how you control  your response to these reality that would make the difference. You must control how you think about all of them.
I want to urge you never to response permanently to a temporary situation. Believe God and his words because he will soon turn the table in your favor. Stay strong in all your endeavors. Let change become your servant and use it as an incentive for a massive expansion.

It is well

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