Offence Is An Event But To Be Offended Is A Decision

Sometimes we are quick to see the way we have been offended but forget we have offended others before.

You need to drop offenses. If God should take your charges against you, can you withstand?

So if we have been forgiven ,why is it so difficult to forgive someone?

The reason why it is so difficult for us to stay happy is because we easily get offended.

The agenda of the enemy is distraction. His strategy is division and his tactics is offense.

I know the closer the relationship, the greater the opportunity for intimacy. But also the closer the relationship, the greater the offense. That is why nobody can really make us madder than somebody we really love.

But we need to learn to let go. Forgiveness is setting a prisoner free and realising you are the one.

You are full of love and I know you will make it up with anyone you have held in your heart not to forgive.

You can do this. I love you!!!

Photo credit : @arjunkallingal

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