The Unknown Is Known By God

There are a lot of trees in the forest, yet we don’t know them all. The fact that we don’t know them doesn’t mean they don’t produce oxygen. If those trees  we don’t see to be significant decide not to produce oxygen we can tell how humanity will suffer.

People may not know who you are; they may not even know your name. silently, perform what you were born to do. The tree keeps producing oxygen and multiplying itself with it seeds. The truth is that you don’t have to wait for people to appreciate what you do before you start doing. Don’t wait on the crowd to feel valuable.

Everything that is undiscovered, unseen, unknown still exist. Somehow, we feel other people are noticed by many but that is not the necessary. God knows where you are. Remember that treasures are always hidden. People who push themselves to be known by others often don’t have much to offer. Things on the surface are usually useless. look at the gold, diamond, they are all beneath. But the rocks are otherwise. But you can tell for yourself the value of Gold compared to rocks.

The fact that people don’t see your worth doesn’t mean you are not important. You are very important in this life. No human being can determine your worth except God. Keep doing what you are doing. Keep pushing towards the goal. But always remember even the undiscovered diamond is still valuable.

Photo credit: Bob pixels

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